The Agency offers multiple certifications representing the primary health care delivery systems offered by allied health care providers in various health care provider settings and physicians of varying specialties. The ICHCC evolved in 1994 offering certification in disability evaluations and impairment ratings, adding life care planning as a specialty area in 1996. Medicare Set-aside trust/allocation certification was established in 2006 and geriatric care management, forensic nursing, and patient safety certifications are in the developmental phase with support from the University of Florida.

The ICHCC is in the application process for its accreditation under the National Association for Certifying Agencies (NCCA), considered to be the formidable accreditation agency for health care certifying agencies in the United States. Additionally, the ICHCC has tendered its application for membership in the National Organization of Competency Assurance (NOCA), a subsidiary of the NCCA that provides educational, networking and advocacy resources for the credentialing community.

Each credential offered by the ICHCC has a Board of Commissioners. These Boards determine the qualifications necessary to sit for the respective credential examination, as well as agency policies and procedures for test administration and test-item inclusion. All field complaints and allegations of ethical violations are reviewed by the Commissioners for resolution and disciplinary decisions if necessary. The Agency has an Executive Director who oversees the work of the Commissioner Boards, setting Board meeting agendas and serving as the respective Commissioner Board meetings.