The International Commission on Health Care Certification® (ICHCC®) is proud of its heritage, being the oldest and largest certification agency in the United States and Canada for Life Care Planning and in the United States for Medicare Set-aside Consultants and allocators.  

The ICHCC is proud to announce that the Certified Life Care Planner (CLCP) and the Canadian Certified Life Care Planner (CCLCP) certifications have earned accreditation through ANAB (American National Standards Institute National Accreditation Board). 

This accreditation truly sets the CLCP and CCLCP above all others and reinforces the ICHCC® as being the gold standard in life care planning certification!

The Canadian Certified Life Care Planner (CCLCP™) is a very prestigious certification.  A Canadian Certified Life Care Planner  (CCLCP™) must be a health care professional who meets stringent educational and professional qualifications and completes a 120 hour ICHCC® approved  training program along with a sample life care plan that is peer reviewed.  


The purpose of the Canadian Certified Life Care Planner™ (CCLCP™) credential is to measure the CCLCP™ applicant's working knowledge of Canadian medical systems, associated disabilities, and treatment/maintenance protocol required for a catastrophically disabled individual to sustain life within an acceptable comfort level. Additionally, this credential is designed to offer Canadian health care providers access to certification in life care planning through the ICHCC® on the same level of competency as required of their United States CCLCP™ peers.

Non-discrimination Rights of Refusal Statement: The ICHCC® does not discriminate against any applicant for CCLCP™ certification because of race, color, religion, creed, age, gender, national origin or ancestry. However, the ICHCC® reserves the right to reject an application based on one's documented professional misconduct, documented misconduct towards this agency, a history of licensure or certification revocation, or convictions related to criminal misdemeanors or felony charges.

Qualifications - Qualified Health Care Professional

Qualifying for the Certified Canadian Life Care Planner™ credential is based upon 2 factors; 1) meeting the definition of a "Qualified Healthcare Provider, and 2) the applicant's education and training.

Before reviewing the educational and training experience component, one must ensure that he or she meets the International Commission on Health Care Certification's definition of "Qualified Health Care Professional." The "Qualified Health Care Professional" definition and a listing of its criteria are detailed in the ICHCC® Practice Standards and Guidelines.  The guidelines are a vital addition to a candidate's library if certification is a true goal. 

The ICHCC® requires the following criteria to be met by all candidates in order to qualify to sit for the examination:

  • Each candidate must have a minimum of 120 hours of post-graduate or post-specialty degree training in life care planning or in areas that can be applied to the development of a life care plan or pertain to the service delivery applied to life care planning. There must be 16 hours of training specific to a basic orientation, methodology, and standards of practice in life care planning within the required120 hours. The 120 hours may be obtained through online training/educational programs as well as onsite presentations and conferences. Additionally, the following educational components by a ICHCC® approved CLCP®/CCLCP™ program are required:
    • Life Care Planning Methodology (16 credit hours)
    • A course (module) in Catastrophic Case Management (of choice)
    • Vocational Rehabilitation Module.
    • Legal component in life care planning with an onsite testimony/trial experience.
    • Competency - preparation of a life care plan to be reviewed by an approved CLCP®/CCLCP™ program or the ICHCC®.
    • Applicants should have a minimum of 3 years' work experience within their formal degree field and within the 5 years preceding application for certification. Final approval of any application with ambiguity regarding experience will be left to the discretion of the ICHCC® following a thorough review of the respective applications. The opinion of the ICHCC® is final.
  • Training hours acquired over a time frame of 7 years from the date of application are counted as valid for consideration. Documentation of such coursework and participation verification is required in the form of attendance verification forms and/or curriculum documentation from the training agency. Each candidate must:
    • meet the minimum academic requirements for their designated health care related profession
    • be certified, licensed, or meet the legal mandates of the candidate's respective province that allow him or her to practice service delivery within the definition of his or her designated healthcare related profession.

    Final approval of any applications with ambiguity regarding training and/or experience will be left to the discretion of the ICHCC® following a thorough review of the respective applications. The opinion of the ICHCC® is final.

  • Each candidate must hold the entry level academic degree or certificate/diploma for their profession.


The maintenance period for the CCLCP™ credential is 5 years, and 80 clock hours of continuing educational units (CEU's) are required over this period. The CCLCP™ professional is required to have 8 of the 80 required recertification hours to be of ethical practice subject matter. For additional information on the renewal process.  please review pages 17 - 23 in the ICHCC® Practice Standards and Guidelines.  The guidelines can be located under "Resources" in the top horizontal menu bar as well as in several addition locations on the website.

Approved Renewal CEU Hours for all ICHCC® Certifications can be found by choosing "HOME" in the top menu bar of the ICHCC® website and then choosing "News and Events", which lists approved CEU hours, as well as the "Google Calendar" that posts all approved CEU hours.  In addition, AAACEUS offers CLCP®/CCLCP Renewal Bundle Packages and MSCC Renewal Bundle Packages as well as a variety of ICHCC® approved CEU hours.

Your CCLCP® renewal application can be emailed to the ICHCC® (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.), faxed to the ICHCC® (1-804-378-7267) or mailed.  You may also pay your renewal fee on the ICHCC® website by choosing the Shopping Cart icon in the top right hand corner of the page.

Options for Renewal

The ICHCC® certification maintenance program extends the status of the CCLCP™ at five year intervals. Options for renewal include:

  • Option One: Documentation of 80 clock hours of pre-approved and post-approved education, with 8 of those hours in ethics.
  • Option Two: Re-examination (If the certificant's credential has already expired, re-examination is not an option.)
Option One

Submit documentation of 80 hours of pre-approved education. If a course was pre-approved, the CCLCP™ professional only needs to send the attendance verification form along with the CCLCP™ renewal form. The fee is $400.

If the CCLCP™ professional attended a program which was not approved for CLCP®/CCLCP™ hours, the required documentation must be submitted and is subject to review. This includes an attendance verification/certificate of completion as well as the CCLCP™ renewal form and also the course agenda or course brochure.  The fee for recertification increases to $450 regardless of whether or not there is just one program or 10 or more programs that do not qualify as "pre-approved" by the ICHCC®.

Option Two

Re-examination. The fee is $895 and covers both the examination fee and certification renewal. If the CCLCP™ credential has already expired, please note this option is not available. 


Persons who have completed 15 of the 80 hours required for continuing education may request a review for extension. Each request will be reviewed individually, documentation of the 15 hours must be completed, a $200 extension fee is required, and sufficient time must be allowed before the current certification expires. Each extension may be granted for up to six months and is $200 per extension.

CLCP®/CCLCP™ Commissioners

  • Dana Weldon, MS, CRC, RRP, CLCP®, CCLCP™
  • Giovanna Boniface, Reg. OT (BC), CCLCP™
  • Heather Howe, PT, CCLCP™
  • Charlyne Raih, PT, DPT, MHS, MBA, CLCP®
  • Dana Weldon, MS, CRC, RRP, CLCP®, CCLCP™
  • Richard Bowman, MD, DABPMR, DABPM, FIPP, CEDIR, CLCP®
  • Louis P. Lipinski, Jr., MS, CRC, LRC, CLCP®
  • Bettina P. Little, RN, BSN, CCM, CLCP®
  • Edmond Provder, CRC, LCP, D-ABVE, CLCP®
  • Reva Payne, MS, CCM, CDMS, CLCP®, MSCC™, CMCPS™, QRC
  • Cornelius E. Gorman II, Ph.D., MSW, LPC, CRC, CVE, CLCP®
  • Dena Ramsey, JD, MBA, BSN, CLCP®, MSCC™, CMCPS™, LNCC
  • Donna Hunter, RN, BSN, CCM, CRRN, LNCC, CLCP®

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