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 The International Commission on Health Care Certification™ (ICHCC™) is proud of its heritage, being the oldest and largest certification agency in the United States and Canada for Life Care Planning and in the United States for Medicare Set-aside Consultants and allocators.  We are equally proud of our all-inclusive policy of accepting interdisiplinary qualified health care professionals from many formal degree training academic programs and practice settings for the Certified Life Care Planner™ (CLCP™) credential, the Canadian Certified Life Care Planner™ (CCLCP™) credential,  the Medicare Set-Aside Certified Consultant™ (MSCC™) credential, the Certified Geriatric Care Manager (CGCM™) credential and the Certified Medical Cost Projection Specialist (CMCPS).

The ICHCC™ is stringent in its efforts to uphold our well established standards of practice and guidelines, the reliability of our examinations and the validity of test items from our multiple certification examinations, and our continued efforts to conduct and publish our research into the contributions the diverse practitioners make in the areas in which they have qualified to be certified by the ICHCC™.


It is always in the best interest of the ICHCC to retain a training program, however, the TOP priority is to keep the CLCP/CCLCP approved training programs strong, consistent and upholding the high standards that the ICHCC requires.  We have to continue to ensure that professionals attending an ICHCC approved training programs receive the correct methodology training and the strong foundation needed to be successful in the field of life care planning and as a testifying expert.

We invite you to click around the site to become more acquainted with our certification specialty areas and to better understand the selective nature of each of our credentials.

The qualifications for certifications in life care planning, disability evaluation, Medicare Set-aside allocations, geriatric care management and the medical cost projection are extensive and those persons qualifying to sit for any of these specialty areas are highly qualified in their respective fields of expertise.

To gain a better perspective of our programs after pursuing this web site, you may wish to download the ICHCC™ Standards and Guidelines Manual. 

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Our Mission

The International Commission on Health Care Certification™ (ICHCC™) oversees the examination of health care providers and professionals in the specialty rehabilitative areas of life care planning, Medicare Set-aside allocation development, geriatric care management and medical cost projections. The ongoing actions of the ICHCC™ in support of this mission include:

  • Developing, reviewing, and researching standards for life care planning, Medicare Set-aside allocation, geriatric care management and medical cost projections service delivery systems for postgraduate training in these respective areas.
  • Developing, reviewing, and researching standards of practice in for life care planning, Medicare Set-aside allocation, geriatric care management and medical cost projections.
  • Developing and administering examinations that assess the knowledge and skills that comprise the essential functions required of life care planners, Medicare Set-aside allocators, geriatric care managers and medical cost projection specialists service delivery systems.

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