The ICHCC™ is investigating an individual's misuse of the CLCP™ credential, as well as his false claim that he has obtained this credential through the standard procedures administered by the ICHCC™. Currently, this individual is advertising on his web site that he is a Certified Life Care Planner™ (CLCP™), when in fact he has never contacted the ICHCC™ office for any reason, nor has he ever submitted an application for the CLCP™ examination for review.

ICHCC™ Activity to Date

The ICHCC™ has contacted all of his licensing and certification boards through a formal written letter of complaint. A total of 9 regulatory boards were contacted and the ICHCC™ awaits the responses from each board. Additionally, a cease and desist letter was sent to the individual from the organization's legal representative requesting that he remove all indicators that he is a Certified Life Care Planner™, and if he does not comply, a suit will be filed in the Richmond Circuit Court.

The field will be kept apprised of the progress made by the ICHCC™ to rectify this situation.

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